Monday, August 16, 2010

How Socialism Caused An Economic Depression Yesterday and Today

This is an Socialist manufactured Economic crisis. This is what happens when naive Americans reward the very socialists that gave America the Economic Depression under Wilson's, the Great Depression under FDR's Administration, and the third American Depression under Obama. Socialism has never worked. All the wealth literally goes to the elites in power and their families who live like Kings as the people lose more of their money and freedom.

It is funny to hear democrats accuse conservatives as supporters of the rich and the powerful in business, only to realize that those are the only people Obama and their socialist friends seem to support on Wall Street as the taxpayers of America now funding failed banks hijacked by foreign communist nationals. This is clearly the most corrupt administration in US History. America is now in the economic Dark Ages. Revisionist History: How progressives have tried to write American History to make the next generation ignorant of the socialist strategy.

Revisionist History

Economic Depression Ahead - The Plan 1

Economic Depression Ahead - The Plan 2

Economic Depression Ahead - The Plan 3

Economic Depression Ahead - The Plan 4

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