Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Young Americans Destroyed & Bankrupt by US Socialists

How long will Americans live clueless lives, drink communist koolade, listen and accept spoon-fed lies and fabrications by the very socialists and communists who want to control and pillage them and their children? This documentary will explain the economic crisis America faces, expose the destructive communist agenda in America, identify the socialist villains who are destroying America from the inside out, and it inspires the next generation of Americans to rise up and take the lead in protecting Americas economic freedom and constitutional liberties. Our objective is to inform and warn freedom-loving citizens of the world the secretive and subversive methods used by communist leaders and sympathizers to infiltrate America and overthrow other capitalistic democratic republic nations of the world.

The secular humanist social engineers use the citizens lack of knowledge about developing healthy families to create the necessary conditions of cultural chaos for an ever increasing secular socialist government and society that will be willing to give up its parental rights in the home. When the government starts to position themselves to have more authority over a parents children and force them into publicly funded indoctrination centers (public schools) without providing the parent with requested information about what is being taught, we are beginning to see the signs of a totalitarian philosophy in government similar to NAZI Germany. Such governments slowly assume the role of parent within the homes of its citizens for the control of the hearts and minds of the next generation causing their lose of historical reference to their constitutional rights. This unaware and uneducated new generation naturally becomes easily manipulated by media, music, and entertainment lulling them into relativism where by they become so apathetic that they could careless about defending their personal responsibility, the right to assemble, freedom of religion, freedom of the press and other constitutional freedoms.

Join the revolution to restore the American family, Protect our National Security, support a limited federal government, states rights, Preserve the sanctity of Human life of all ages and of all conditions, economic freedom, religious freedom, Freedom of inquiry, Liberty, American patriotism American, and the uphold the principles that made America great.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Unknown Islamic Puppet President

The Next Generation and young voters of America now becoming aware of the danger that America faces and have a sense of uneasiness about Obama and those within his Administration. These youth are now joining forces with the older generations to protect America from the tyranny of extremists and radicals who have a long history of subverting the US Constitution in America.

Now that Obama's latest birth certificate is fraudulent, (not to mention that he multiple social security numbers) American's not stomach electing another political candidate without a knowledge of his or her background.

Obama's and Fabian Socialists strategy is to wear out critics to exhaustion so that even the public conservative commentators may give up interest over his legitimacy. But the American people are becoming more and more aware of this and fully engaged and informed.

Our Liberal Socialist media, in which one person (Billionaire George Soros) controls or influences 70% of it. He doesn't care about freedom or our constitution; Soros only cares about money and power to control world affairs. Do your own research, he is the one who destroyed the British pound. He owns media matters and think progress and many other taxpayer funded socialist non-profits. He made his wealth through capitalism, but promotes socialism to make certain that everyone else and their families don't get the chance to make a descent living.

If fact Soros helped get Obama Bin Laden elected in the White House. That's why we shouldn't be that surprised. Both President Obama and Al-Qaeda leaders support the wave of uprisings in the Middle East from the Muslim Brotherhood.

Last time we learned that Qaeda deputy leader Zawahiri backs Arab revolts along with President Obama.

This is very troublesome for Obama and his re-election campaign. So all the killing of Osama Bin Laden did was allow Obama to assume the new leadership role within Al Qaeda's agenda, while dragging America right into it with our troops. So all Obama did was become Osama's replacement! This proves that this so-called "democracy movement" as the liberal media calls it is actually Americas Trojan Horse to advance the power of the Muslim Brotherhood and the influence of Radical Islam with Obama's Help!

Monday, April 18, 2011

How Socialists & Unions Destroy America

The Liberal Media and Socialists inside and outside of America have and Economic War against the American People and created corrupt systems using unions controlled by wealthy union bosses and socialist political leaders. They have joined forces with anyone who will strive to destroy the American way of life. Ultimately, they want to waste tax payer dollars to fund a socialist agenda

The Socialists in the federal reserve have sought to increase inflation throughout the world. The nature of socialism caters to the lazy, the rebellious, and those how do not like to follow directions. Socialism is inherently parasitic on healthy economies. Teachers and public employees are now trying to take over the state and local governments of America demanding to become an elite class of Americans who have no regard of the condition of fiscal budgets of their states and would rather collapse the entire public institution than be responsible.