Monday, March 12, 2012

The Democrat Stage: The Democrat's Phony Contraceptive Fluke

Obama and the liberal Mainstream Media have invented the NON-issue of contraception as a tool of Deception and Distraction so that the American people will not focus on the real Danger of Obamacare and socialized medicine, which will threaten the lives of millions of Americans and Bankrupt all Americans, Young and Old. We would do well by not falling for this fabricated contraception distraction. The whole contraception issue was designed to distract women into voting for Obama.

It was Obama who started this whole issue attacking on the Rights of Christians and religious institutions in America, just as it was Obama and his administration that initiated the NDAA allowing the Federal Government to detain American Citizens who they claim arbitrarily who is and isn't an enemy to the state.

It's the Obama Administration that sought to Crush the American's right to free Speech. The point is that the Democrat Party infiltrated with socialist progressives desire any and all legislation that promotes Population Control that's why their social engineers promote Abortion on demand, contraception drugs that are abortifacients, homosexuality, and wide spread gay pornography in order to warp the human minds enough in order to reach the same result decreasing the human population for easier control-ability.

The Democrat Party infiltrated with socialist progressives also desire any and all legislation that promotes government control over speech that's why their "thought police" invented the concept of Hate Speech so they could arbitrarily decide what is and isn't hate speech by fabricating mock trials in the public and in the courts of their activist judges.

The Simple-Minded, uneducated, unaware and entertainment-addicted are Base of the Democrat Party and it is a shame if more of them do not wake up against the Tyrants they once had put into power!

The only way Democrats win is through voter-fraud and through activist judges because they cannot afford the a well-informed American voter the right and liberty to express themselves in public or by mass in the Voting booth.

That's why Democrat's have to Lie, Deceive, Cheat and STAGE AN ISSUE or CREATE A CRISIS in order to advance their UNCONSTITUTIONAL Agenda.

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