Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Lying, Dying Liberal Communist Agenda in America

"Communism is full of Empty Promises and Over-Flooded Cemeteries filled with untimely deaths."

The Lying, Dying Liberal Communist Agenda in America - NOW UPDATED!

Young people all over the United States are now throwing out the socialist propaganda lies their university professors spoon fed them. The next generation joined with the adults of past generations are becoming aware of the social and economic destructiveness of Liberal policies.

The Socialist Progressives and the liberal Democrats have an agenda whose ultimate end is Communism, the weakening of the American family, and the destruction of the United States such that foreign Socialistic governments can manipulate into the public policy process of America while influencing public opinion that keeps them and their puppets in charge. Meanwhile, we the people slowly lose: our constitutional liberties, our economic freedom, our Bill of Rights, our privacy, our freedom of Religion, our freedom of the Press and Inquiry, our academic Freedom, the right raise our own children, and we could even lose our very lives. Its time that TODAY WE ALL "Awaken the Complacent and Mobilize the Courageous for ACTION." Join the Tea Party Movement and make difference in your generation!

"This video EXPOSES Secrets that Obama and Communists who serve him never wanted released to the MASS Public. The Information that you are about to watch is so threatening to Obama's Re-election and liberalism that Facebook appears to have Censored the embedded Video. So you will have to both Click the link to view it, and Copy and paste the link in order to share it with others who will likewise click the Link to view this Video. Please copy and paste this complete text, the title of the video and the link to every blog, news group, YouTube comment field and within one's YouTube video descriptions, every online forum, chat room of every kind, Every Facebook groups, Every MySpace discussion board, and e-mail it to every conservative and non-conservative television and radio station you can before this upcoming election."

The Gay Gene Hoax: History & Lies of the Homosexual Movement

The Liberal Democrats are party that is actively involved in destroying the healthy Family Unit in America. Their agenda is all apart of the Communist agenda. It's the homosexual thought police that needs to be silenced. Too many of these perverts are will go on YouTube and create videos catered toward youth and teens only to make them sexually suggestive then promote site s to pornography of every kind especially of same sex porn. It is disgusting and deserves a criminal investigation.

When the vile death-style of Homosexuality wipes out generations of viable future families with marriages of once viable young men and young women, we will not only experience a national decline in morals and the destruction of the family unit in America, we will experience a cultural decline because these people are warping the young minds of the children just as prisoners have done to new inmates.

Homosexuality is just another form of social and cultural terrorism. Even the Homosexual jihadists and gay sharia law advocates will shut down both private and public free speech just to push the perversion platform down the throats of American society and future generations until every child's mind has been raped by their filth. The reason Hollywood, the music industry, and public governmental officials are trying to promote the homosexual "bowel" movement as because even they have been peer-pressured into it or have been influenced by being sexually abused by one of them. So they will abuse and warp the minds of future generations. These people are disgusting and HOMOSEXUALITY WILL NEVER BE NORMAL, regardless of all the reality shows, talk shows, and Hollywood sitcoms designed to brainwash the public into a mindless stupor.

Today it's the pedophiles within the Democrat Party that is Promoting Gay Marriage.

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  1. For those of you who consider the tea party to be radical, what about the other side? Who would you consider to be on the fringes of radical leftest ideology? The left bemoans the Tea party, but if they would stop for a moment, they might see that there own party is the one now controlled by extremists! Some will consider thought of a socialist/communist agenda for the USA far fetched, afterall, it couldn't happen here, right? Wrong. Just study the history of all of the worst regimes, and you may just recognize some similiarities here?