Monday, June 18, 2012

Social-Engineered Human Cyborgs Attack America's Privacy

These drones can be used for many things. I think drones can be very useful for emergencies and against terrorism. Just as long they are in the right hands. Slowly but surly our elections are being decided more and more by millionaire/billionaire clubs and foreign powers more than the American people. Barack Obama is America's first president groomed, selected, and protected by a foreign govern...ment. He has NEVER represented the will of the American People. He came to power to destroy and remake America into a modern version of the Soviet Union. That's why we all must be waring that we, the average citizen does not use sight of preserving our rights and freedom in America for the sake of technological advance.

I'm concerned about our lost of Privacy before a future ruthless big brother government who starts using our own children against us. They will take advantage of a army of the younger generation who have been social-engineered to spend countless hours wasting time navigating digital characters or machines with video game programs and watching filth in the internet because many times these people they will come in experienced to operate the drones and would not make a big deal about looking at things about people that should be private. Such young people who have been frustrated about not finding a job would naturally gravitate toward this sort of thing, and would be so detached from reality and real positive human connections that they would literally become the android and/drone operators. It goes to show you want people spend time with long enough and worship is what they will become. We all should monitor these developments and keep our own government in check before we start getting use to having our right of privacy stolen from us.

It would be just another backdoor method for communism to takeover. The Tea Party and Conservative movement must ALWAYS be America's standard bearers who will defend and protect America from the encroachments of (not only) Radical Islam but Communism.

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