Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Obama is Job Outsourcer-In-Chief

Now Let's Look at the real history of all the Jobs Obama has Outsourced.

Click Here:  Obamanomics

This is what happens when Liberal reporter believe their own Lies ... they look crazy!!!

You see ... every time Obama accuses his opponents of something that they are doing wrong in always a hint to All Americans of what Obama is actually doing or has already done.  This is yet another case in point.

Long List of Failed Obama Green Energy & Solar Companies in the Billions

Democrats, Liberals, and Socialist Progressives, suffer from a psychological condition called "Transference Projection Disorder" whereby the sufferer unconsciously redirects their own feelings and attitudes to another. It is also a psychological defense mechanism in which the Liberal attributes ("projects") to others, her own unacceptable or unwanted thoughts or/and emotions (such as racism).

For example, the fact that the Liberal Media's own Democrat Party had a direct and significant part to play in inspiring the racial oppression of blacks which continues on today by imposing and assuming a slave mentality upon every black person as if it's their responsibility corral all us black folk back into the socialist plantation. The Fact of the Democrats obsession with racial division, race-baiting and class warfare originates from the injustice system that they themselves created in the past. This fact is far too painful for the Liberal's public self-image and her pride to handle.

The Tea Party is the great American underground Railroad.  Let's all remember in disgust the dirty little history of the Racist Liberals in America.  All these racist democrats do is talk about race. Meanwhile they all failed history in school. Before they were Called Democrats, they were known as "Dixi-crats" the inventors of JIM CROW!... and their racist agenda goes on today. 

Examining Black Loyalty to Democrats

No wonder so many more people are waking up and leaving the Democrat party by the hundreds of thousands.  The Democrat party is the party of the slave owner, and their prime objective is to keep their voters unaware, uninformed, disconnected from reality, and distracted.  Democrats have a long history of projecting their own racism on Republicans and Conservatives who fought against it.

Black American's Brave History pt.1

Black American's Brave History pt.2


Due to liberals fragile mental state and psychosis, it's no wonder why millions of Americans don't really take anything they say seriously in the media. Even the liberal media would be shocked to realize the fact that the growing majority of Americans also don't take their manufactured news seriously either, because liberal reporters are just plane crazy and unreasonable. Even those who use to call themselves Democrats are becoming too embarrassed and ashamed to associate with the Party.


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